Did Your Child Recently Lose A Close Friend? What You Can Do To Help

When you are a parent, you want to protect your child from all that is scary and awful in the world. However, as hard as you might try, there are some things that just cannot be avoided. If your child recently had a close friend pass away, you may find yourself at a loss as far as what you can or should do to help your child through this difficult and challenging time. [Read More]

Considering Adoption For An Unexpected Pregnancy

Getting the unexpected news of being pregnant can be a lot to deal with, whether you are single or in a relationship with the child's father. If you know that supporting the baby financially and emotionally isn't something that you are in a position to do, keep in mind that there are options. If aborting the pregnancy isn't what you want to do, putting the baby up for adoption might be the best resolution for the situation. [Read More]